I have been a resident of Bogotá, Colombia for the past eight-going-on-nine years. It is my privilege to report from this constantly morphing city. My observations of Colombia have appeared on various sites, and I have gathered a number of these pieces together and published them in book form as Colombia, Observations. In addition, many of the photographs of Bogotá street art that first appeared on this blog have now been gathered together and published in book form.  That book is called Street Art Bogotá.  My most recent book is an insider’s introduction to all of the elements that make Bogotá the city that it is today, 40 Bogotá.  All of these books are available for download on iBooks and Amazon. In addition, print editions of Street Art Bogotá and 40 Bogotá are available from Amazon. Feel free to contact me at ccdeburca@gmail.com. And thanks for visiting my Christopher Burke Colombia blog. Enjoy!