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My Own Private Christopher Burke

I am happy to announce that a book of my photographs, My Own Private Christopher Burke, is now available on iTunes.


Dogs, Chapinero, Bogotá

Dogs, Calle 100, Bogotá

Dogs, Bogotá

Dogs on Bridge, Bogotá

Dogs, Bogotá

Calle 100, Dogs

Agapanthus, Bogotá

This is from my book, 40 Bogotá. Enjoy!  Our Piedra Bogotana is special.

Piedra Bogotana, Bogotá

Bogotá Stone/ Piedra Bogotana

Your first impression of Bogotá may be surprise that it is a city of brick. Most of us don’t come to a major South American city thinking that we are going to find a use of brick equal to London’s. But Bogotá loves its brick.

Piedra Muñeca, Bogotá

You will gradually become aware, however, that Bogotá is in fact as much defined by its native limestone, locally called Piedra Bogotana or Piedra Muñeca, as it is by its multi-colored brick. Most of Bogotá’s iconic buildings are clad in Piedra Bogotana. As you wander about the city, you will find that the Cathedral, the Congress Building, the Héroes Monument and pretty much any other representative Bogotá building is outfitted in Piedra Bogotana. Piedra Bogotana is so prevalent that many Bogotanos take it for granted, oblivious to the daily richness that surrounds them.

Piedra Bogotana, La Macarena, Bogotá

For you, the visitor, it’s fun as you go about town to note the layered definitions of time with which Piedra Bogotana endows the city.

Piedra Bogotana, Bogotá

Agapanthus, Bogotá

Roses, Bogotá

Calla Lilies, Bogotá

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